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Recently in a blog post titled:

DISCOVER How To Send Our CARDS From Your Travel Destinations As E-CARDS or/and Share Them On Your SOCIAL MEDIA ! ! ! I did show you the Birthday Card you see
here below:

That Bright Blue Sky Card, was besides
the Blue Colored Table Runner you see here below:

also amung our list of

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Condors from Peru Corkscrew

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For what this Particular Recently Sold Postcard is concerned, 
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I also just looked at a somewhat similar Birthday Postcards that we have,
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This Blue Happy Birthday Card

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So in case you are looking for a "Gold Nuget" Happy Birthday Postcard
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Talking about Good Choices and 

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How You Can Preserve
Your Travel Adventures...? 

And How do You 

When Friends,
(and Travel Enthousiasts and Travel Bloggers like many of You 
Following and Enjoying our Twitter Tweets are) 

…., ask you about your TRAVEL ADVENTURES
than what Photography can you

Show from your Travels and what Stories can you tell?

            What Messages would you Write in Postcards about it...???

What is great way to Preserve 
your Travel experiences….?


Writing about it in a Great Looking Travel Notebook! 

Orange Juice Travel Destination Notebook
Travel Notebook ED Travel

I have seen that you frequently write about Engaging Inspiring Travel Related Topics in
your TWEETS, as I can see on Our TWITTER Page and those are also a Topics that I enjoy reading myself. It Inspired me to do read more about Travel and do things like Travel Photography, and to create this Travel Blog and to Create Special Designs like
this Special Travel Destination Notebook you see here above.

                            The Perfect Gifts
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The Natural Reading Lights I Discovered
In Orlando Florida

In a previous Posts I already wrote about
the Amsterdam Light Festival
being amazed by lights,

For example see this previous Tweet with Butterfly Lights on the Water
that are almost as beautiful as our own  Dutch Butterflies Red Happy Birthday Postcard


When I saw the Fire Flies on this Photo Collage
we recently had in a Tweet on our Twitter, about
North America, it reminded me of one of my own Travels,
when I went to Sunny Florida where I did encounter
Fire Flies.

I was traveling with an organised tour through several places,
one the places was Orlando Florida. We where traveling with
a Mini-Van, and I remember that we stopped at a Campsite.

At the Campsite we had a Campfire, sitting around the campfire
on the Coutches from the Mini-Van. There in the Woods I could
see a Sea of Fire Flies, that looked somewhat similar as you can see on
the Tweet and like the Sparkling Golden Lights, - Christmas Lights that with some imagination do look like Fire Flies - like the one you see amung the Sunglasses Designs we have in our EDS Webstore 

(We also have some other Sunglasses Designs in our EDT webstore.) 

When the Campfire went out I also noticed Fire Flies
on the gras, and I noticed that when you have Multiple
Fire Flies on your hand
you actually have enough light
to be able to read a book!


New Designs for Sportive Pet Lovers

I originally wrote this post for
Our Healthy Lifestyle blog only as a Nature Lover and Traveler you also
Might like to read about these New Designs...,

In a recent post I wrote about

and it appears that you think the same because, 

At our 

we recently Saw
that you Nature Lovers - amung others
did buy our Specially Designed

Running Dog Cartoon Customizable Collar

This is great news, because such a sale, will make it show up ON TOP at the first page, so that as you do your search you will see it standing at the TOP of the first page for a while. This frequently creates instant momentum, for more sales of the same product to follow...., 
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Because of this little Sales Success with the
we also Created this Same Design also for a Customisable
 Leash and a - Pet Bowl:

And on this Blog our Special Page with 


Related Blog post: 

Sharing Our Designs and Sending Birthday Message E-CARDS/Social Shares
From Your Travel Destinations

Talking about Real Easy DO-able Little
Short Term (Travel) Writing Projects….,

That DO help to Start firing up your 'Writing Enging'.

the same goes for writing

and writing TWEETS on your TWITER-Page,

Many of our own Family & Friends and - YOU -  reading this, already are familiar with our Designs - ON - Products, like our Specially Designed Cards, and obviously WE ourselves, and many of our Family & Friends also like our own CARDS and because of it we also frequently use our own Design Cards our selves to send nice Quick Birth Day Messages to Family & Friends 

by sending them as E-Cards

Or you can for example send a Birthday Card Message from the location of your Vacation Travel Destination. Writing your own messages, Write about your Travel Adventures and share a part of your Travel Writing Advantures in an E-CARD. (or in a Real Physical Card

We Have Many CARDS to CHOOSE from ! ! ! !

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10 Tips for Your Travel Photography.

Thank you for visiting our
Travel Blog Today,

I have seen that you frequently write about Inspiring Travel Related Topics in
your TWEETS, as I can see on Our TWITTER Page and it is also
a Topic that I enjoy. Something that helped Inspired me
 to create this TRAVEL Blog myself!

I especially enjoy TRAVEL Photography….,

My sister also likes Travel Photography
and made for example this highly Popular FROG Photo:

         You can also read a lot of interesting info about
         Photography on our Digitalcamera-Ideas Blog ! ! !

Here below you can find a Video with

10 Tips for Great Travel Photography,

Nice to Visit, Amsterdam Light Festival

Some years ago we went to

Lights Weekend in Laren
that - since it's a town - is a little smaller scale event
than such a City Event.

We made an Backpack from one of the Canal Photos
as you can see here above

We also made a Luggage Tag from it...,

In Amsterdam they have whole artworks made from
light, like the Butterflies On the Water in the Canals as you can see                                 in the Tweet here above.  

while in Laren they had things like
a Pathway of Lights,

What we have for what our own "Artworks of Light"
is concerned, we do have a few

LED Light Designs.

Lights Weekend in Laren also did Inspire us to create
Highly Special All-Over-PRINT  

Party Lights Leggings

with Sparkling Lights on them! 

Talking about Highly Special and Sparkling, did you
know we have - Highly Fashionable - and City Chique

Almost as Sparkling as our recent Bathing Guest,
That we recently shared on Our Twitter, Read more about
it on our Digital Camera-ideas blog in a post titled:

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