Sharing Our Designs and Sending Birthday Message E-CARDS/Social Shares
From Your Travel Destinations

Talking about Real Easy DO-able Little
Short Term (Travel) Writing Projects….,

That DO help to Start firing up your 'Writing Enging'.

the same goes for writing

and writing TWEETS on your TWITER-Page,

Many of our own Family & Friends and - YOU -  reading this, already are familiar with our Designs - ON - Products, like our Specially Designed Cards, and obviously WE ourselves, and many of our Family & Friends also like our own CARDS and because of it we also frequently use our own Design Cards our selves to send nice Quick Birth Day Messages to Family & Friends 

by sending them as E-Cards

Or you can for example send a Birthday Card Message from the location of your Vacation Travel Destination. Writing your own messages, Write about your Travel Adventures and share a part of your Travel Writing Advantures in an E-CARD. (or in a Real Physical Card

We Have Many CARDS to CHOOSE from ! ! ! !

                                          See how it works: 

                                              Discover the Email to a Friend Tool


                                                                                   Discover the Email to a Friend Tool

It Goes without saying that you can also Buy seveal - REAL CARDS - so that you
have enough of them 'in stock' to send them as Real Cards writing
them your Messages just with simple Pen or Pencil to send them as Real Cards.

As You Know We Have Many CARDS to CHOOSE from ! ! ! !

                                             Look for More EDS Greeting Cards 

This Is One of Our Great 

HAPPY Birthday 

PHOTO Postcard Designs:Grey Heron Happy Birthday Postcard

                             Back Side of the Postcard

Grey Heron Happy Birthday Postcard
Back of Postcard with Scannable QR-Code

                                                     Grey Heron Happy Birthday Postcard

                                                                 by EdelhertDesignStudio

On the Back of the Card is a Practical Scannable QR-Code
to easily go to the site without having to type the whole

                                                        EdelhertDesignStudio Webstore url.

Also See Our Cards at 

Edelhert Design TRAVEL: 

See Our EDT Cards!

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