How You Can Preserve
Your Travel Adventures...? 

And How do You 

When Friends,
(and Travel Enthousiasts and Travel Bloggers like many of You 
Following and Enjoying our Twitter Tweets are) 

…., ask you about your TRAVEL ADVENTURES
than what Photography can you

Show from your Travels and what Stories can you tell?

            What Messages would you Write in Postcards about it...???

What is great way to Preserve 
your Travel experiences….?


Writing about it in a Great Looking Travel Notebook! 

Orange Juice Travel Destination Notebook
Travel Notebook ED Travel

I have seen that you frequently write about Engaging Inspiring Travel Related Topics in
your TWEETS, as I can see on Our TWITTER Page and those are also a Topics that I enjoy reading myself. It Inspired me to do read more about Travel and do things like Travel Photography, and to create this Travel Blog and to Create Special Designs like
this Special Travel Destination Notebook you see here above.

                            The Perfect Gifts
                                       for Travelers 

                                      You Don't Want to Go On Your Travels
                                      Without a Great Looking Travel Notebook,
                                      Like this Perfect One for taking notes, and Writing About
                                      things like: Top Destinations, Small Town Travel, Foodies Tours,

                                      Green Travel, Historic Travel and Your General Travel Adventures, 

GoAhead Look at it
in the Webstore

Orange Juice Travel Destination Notebook
by Edelhertdesigntravel
(BTW See that You Can Also Buy This Design As a PLANNER)

What Makes this Travel Notebook so Inspiring? 


An INSPIRING Note Book like the one here above
with Sunglasses the 'Relax Holliday Vibe', a Hawaii Vacation like Feel,
the Sunny Blue Sky, and the Orange Juice Drink at a terrace table,
can be practical to jot down ideas,

or write about: your Visits, Hicking Adventures, Art, Architecture,
Top Food Spots, Restaurant Visits at
the Best Restaurants,
for Foodies etc..... in other words:
your SPECIAL Travel Adventures! Or possibly even notes
for future blog posts you want to write
for your Own Travel Blog!

or possibly sitting at a little table Drinking a Cup of Coffee and make notes 
to prepare for Writing your own Bestselling Novel…???! during your vacation?

What Other Notebook Designs Do we Have....? 

Special Country Notebooks

We have a lot of different TRAVEL Notebooks

to Choose from exactly suited for your Travel Lifestyle

You can Write about What To Do in....,  
                              or How To Spend One Week in …..,
                              and your Travel Experiences, 
                              things like that.

The notebook above is more general and is suitable
for any Sunny Beach Travel Destination.
If you like you can add your own tekst,
for example the Sunny travel destination your going to
and/or put your own name on it.

Beside the general notebooks & journals
we have several SPECIAL COUNTRY Notebooks,
like the notebook here below

Peru Travel Destination Notebook
Peru Notebook ED Travel

                                                     This is a Magical Photo taken 
                                                     from a High Altitude! 

Take A Closer Look
In the Webstore


Peru Travel Destination Notebook

MANY MORE TRAVEL Notebooks & Journals

Other Specific Design Notebooks

We also have some other specific design notebooks for you that
you definitely also want to see 
Specific Design Notebooks

like for example the Funny Talking Parrot Notebook  you see here on the right, great for General Purpose notes or perhaps for things like Writing Speeches...., 

and our - Must See -
Deliciously looking 

Specially designed for 'Foodies'

Special MUSIC Notebook

Special WRITERS Notebook

and Other Notebooks

'Do you have Experience with Freelance Travel Writing, and do
you have Tips you like to share, feel free to write your
Comment by clicking the Comment-link below this post'.

What Other Travel Products Do we Have.....? 

Oh yeah…..,

We also happen to have

many specially designed

Pens you  also want to include in your Packinglist


Tote Bag and Travel Notebook from ED Travel with Scannable QR-Code

You also will get excited to See Our Specially Designed Tote Bags, Backpacks to take with you at the Beach, for your Shopping, or just to take with you when you  

                             go Relaxing by the Pool!  

Much more robust than for example 
a thin plastic bag,  


  • Exterior: 100% sturdy brushed polyester
  • Interior: 100% polyester nonwoven laminate

This design has a somewhat Hawaiian Vacation feel to it,
although as you can see the photo is actually made in....,

Sámara Beach All Over Print Tote Bag

Sámara Beach All Over Print Tote Bag

by Edelhertdesigntravel

Look At this
Sámara Beach All Over Print Tote Bag

In Our Webshop!

What You Really Can't Miss
is to Have A Look at the

Suitcases from EDT

and the Suitcases from EDS

See Our New Years Collection


What do You do to Capture your TRAVEL Memories...???
Feel free to write your Comments/Replies
and share a links to things like your Blog,
Instagram, Pinterests, Twitter etc. etc.

Simply Click the Comment-link below this blog post.

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