Did you ever think (on your Vacation)
You Could Write a Novel?

A lot of people read great Bestselling Novels during their
vacations as you can see at Dan Brown Interview
the author Dan Brown even thought:

"I can do that too"

I bet you might possibly thought this yourself
while on vacation, only few actually
really start to write....,

Since I like to write I also like to help people answering their
question writing in Forums and I also have for example a lot of 'Best Answers' at 'Yahoo Answers'
once in a while somebody asked a question about writing a Novel
and because writing a Novel is someting that sounds exciting
and since I read several books about it like for example
an interesting book titled 'Get that Novel Started',

I did give an answer that I thought might be helpful
for somebody that feels overwhelmed by the idea
to write a Novel.

Get Your Novel Started

'Anyway this book 'Get your Novel Started'
has a lot of useful tips on how to do this'.

Although it has been some time ago that I read this book
myself (some years ago I spend part of my vacation to get
started with a real feel for The Writers Lifestyle)
I wondered if I could find
this book to put on my Writing Blogspot...,

and YES, I found it
so if you like to read this book yourself you can
find it by clicking on the 'banner-link'

If besides listening to inspiring music
on you MP3 Players while you write,
and to 'get into the beat'
and up to speed...,

you also want to find inspiration
for writing your own Bestselling
Novels so for that you can have
a look at:

7 Tips
for writing
your Bestseller

You can find the Book about
Getting Your Novel Started in
the Banner-Link here below:
(As you can see it will make me a Fortune on commissions :))

Writing Projects

BTW I don't recomment to only focus on long-term projects like writing a Novel.
I do recomment that you also work on several other short-term projects also
if you want to start making money with your writing.

'For example what do you think about
Greeting Card Writing...?'

You can simply click on the Link/Image
(or 'Hoover' over it with your mouse)
to learn more about this book titled:
Freelance Writing for Greeting Card Companies: 2nd Edition

'Or for example Writing
for Newspapers or Magazines?'

Besides it's usually also very useful to work on more projects
to be able to have some of your research you did for other
projects available as possible inspiration your could use
for your Novel. (or the other way arround)

'As I mentioned in the title of this Post,
how about having a look at':

earn $100 or up to $650 for Travel Writing!

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