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Fun Valentine Gifts Photo Gifts Collection by Edelhert Design Studio
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Fun Valentine Gifts

Photo Gifts Collection

Photo Gifts Collection

by Edelhert Design Studio
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Innovative Backpack

Traveling Octopus Embracing Adult Backpack
Traveling Octopus Embracing Adult Backpack
by Edelhertdesigntravel

This Is a Great
Back Pack That Can Change Faces!

When you want an other design for your
backpack you can just simply zip it off
and put on an other back pack face.

How I Got This
Design Idea:

When you are somewhat familiar with our
EDS Designs, you know that we
enjoy making
-- Colorful Nature, Photography,
Graphic & Cartoon Designs --
Recently in a Nature TV-program I saw
a Nature lover with a Boa Snake
that was wrap round that person.

That gave me the idea for creating a
Special Design for our

Octopus Cartoon Character
and to let him wrap round a Backpack.

<<<----- Here on the left
you can see the result.

Buttons On
Your Backpack:

In the Drawn Cartoon Backpack Design
On this Backpack you can discover
two Fun EDS Button Designs
those are Button Designs that
really exist! and you can
actually buy them!

You can discover them
here below:
The Ostrich Cartoon Button

and the Sunshine Button

We also got a Positive Comment on
the Ostrich Button Design
as you can read about in a blog post titled:

We Got A Positive
(French) Comment On Our
Ostrich Cartoon Button
& Learning French


This practical Adult Backpack as you could
read about previously, has a possibility
to 'Change Faces'.

We also have an Octopus Backpack Face
that you can customize with your own

Traveling Octopus Embracing Backpack, Face Only. Backpack
Traveling Octopus Embracing Backpack, Face Only. Backpack
by Edelhertdesigntravel


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