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How Do You Like These
Travel Inspired Graphic Designs?

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In the Netherlands we have a saying that
freely translated says:

"Who Travels a Lot Has A Lot
of Stories to Tell"

I could make a little adjustment
to this saying, into:

"Who Travels a Lot Can Make Lot's of
Travel Inspired Graphic Designs"

Here below you can discover typically
Travel Inspired Designs:

You might have already seen the Machu Picchu Panoramic Mug
from the Country Peru, here in the left sidebar near the top of this blog,
with the well known Mountain Image
here directly below:

Machu Picchu Panoramic Mug
Machu Picchu Panoramic Mug by EdelhertDesignStudio
Get custom imprinted coffee mugs online at Zazzle.

BTW when you Browse through the Media Photo's
in our Web Store, you can see that
to test the quality we actually bought one of our own Coffee Mug designs ourselves
to check out the quality of them and they are really great quality
and even been in the dishwasher for several times and still look
as New as the Day they came out of their Packaging!

Also The Humming Bird & The Condor
Did for Example Help Inspire Shoe Designs
like the ones here below:

Zipz Low Top Shoes Hummingbird Blue Printed Shoes
Zipz Low Top Shoes Hummingbird Blue Printed Shoes by EdelhertDesignStudio
Browse Cute hummingbird Low Tops

Zipz High Top Shoes Condor Printed Shoes
Zipz High Top Shoes Condor Printed Shoes by EdelhertDesignStudio
Find other Condor High Tops at zazzle.com

The experience of seeing such an Impressive Big Condor
Is something I really want to share with you!
We had to edit the photo's and insert
a few graphical silhouettes to help let you feel
the magical moments.

On these shoes you can be free
and fast as a condor!

(Item of the Condor Line.)

You can Discover all the Peru Inspired Designs
in the special

Peru Collection

You can also Discover several Costa Rica Inspired Designs
in the special

Costa Rica Collection


In an Upcoming Post you will
be able to read more about

Other Inspiring Blog Posts

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How Do You Like These
Travel Inspired Graphic Designs?

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Green Hummingbird on Flower Cust. Backpack Face
Green Hummingbird on Flower Cust. Backpack Face
by Edelhertdesigntravel
Dutch Butterflies Customizable Backback Face
Dutch Butterflies Customizable Backback Face
by Edelhertdesigntravel
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