Great New Summer Time Designs!

Summer Time Meerkat Cust. Luggage Suitcase
Summer Time Meerkat Cust. Luggage Suitcase by EdelhertDesignStudio
Look at other Cute meerkat Pieces of Luggage at zazzle.com

Since we recently seen some of you buying
Bottle - & Can Coolers,

We recently created several Brand New

Special Summer Time Designs also
for multiple other Summer Time Products Such as:

T-shirts, Shoes, Paper Plates & - Cups, Serving Tray's,
Gift Bags
and the matching
in demand Practical Bottle - & Can Coolers....,

The Summer Time Meerkat
Cust. Luggage Suitcase

and obviously also the Luggage Suitcase as you can see
in the Image at the top of this post.

With this Summer Time Meerkat on this Luggage Suitcase
you will have a great Holliday. You can customize the text
in the text balloon and choose your own background color!

You can also customize the colors of the
Shell, Side Handle, Bumper and the Wheels!

Item of the Meerkat Line.

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