Fun & Relaxing, Holliday Mood

Being in a somewhat Holliday Mood, I was just thinking
about some Fun & Relaxing things,

This Is
Great Fun!

Like for example some years ago
on a Vacation I had

Lots of Fun with Playing on an

Air Hockey Table because on
a Vacation Location they had one that
made me so enthousiastic that

I actually bought (a little one) myself.
You have to have real quick reflexes and
it is really something you sould do when
you want to have some Fun & Relaxing.

A Possible Alternative
For A Vacation...???

Or you might want to consider buying one
of those bigger ones just as a possible alternative
for for example actually going on an expensive
Cruise Vacation with 'Shuffelboarding'
and create it into your own Luxurious
'Staycation' with instead
just buying

A Great Fun
Air Hockey Table

A Possible Other
Alternative for a 'Staycation...???':

When you really want to do some serious relaxing
You might want to consider buying for example
something like a

Titan Spas Oceanus 6-Person Spa
with 2 Loungers and Spa Cover

Going to a Swimming Pool, or sitting in a Spa,
is also a great way to Relax,

Can you see yourself Relaxing in such a Spa,
maybe while listening to some nice relaxing Music
or a reading a book that you can
Write a Book Review about?

It's Amazing
All the Extra's
You Can Get:

Some time ago on a Garden Fair, I saw that Spa's can also have
all kinds of Product Features that I was pretty amazed about....,

'For example did you ever
hear about a 9-color
LED Spa Lighting System?'

It's Even Fun
To Just Have A Look
At All the Possibilities:

You can look at Several Images from all sides

or look at the

Product Features

and the Product Details to find out more about
things like that.

Or else when you don't want

to have a look at

The Spa I just showed you in this post
and when you like to look at other Spa's

You might even consider to
even build it into a Spa Recreation Room
with pillars on the sides and a roof...???

Or you might want to start
a little smaller and just want

to start with buying an

Air Hockey Table instead,
(or else - for example - how about
Underwater Sea Scooters...!!!??? you can
discover a VIDEO near the top of this Blog!!!)

or any of the MP3 Players that you can Buy Online
just to listen to some nice Music :)

You can find MP3 Players
on the Amazon 'Search MP3 Players'-Page

(You can also discover a
practical AMAZON Search Box here in the
Left Side Bar.)

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churchof ridge zei

Really fantastic post. Preparing for your holiday vacation is one of the most important things that you should do well before the approaching date.

hpvanduuren zei

Yes, I totally agree and that is why on this blog you can also find a practical page with

Your Packinglist

Evan_M zei

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lali bela zei

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HP van Duuren zei

Mmmmm, described my design? o.k. let's consider designing moments of Fun & Relaxation. More about photo's in sunlight and things like that, feel free to have a look at: Digital Camera-ideas

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