How You Can Make Travelpreneurship
Playful and Lazy.

Once in a while - especially when it's great Sunny weather -
I go to the Beach with some reading material about Internet Marketing because as an 'International Seller'
(see post Your Chance) I also am an Entrepreneur with a Home Business Lifestyle
as you can read all about at: HP's Happy HOME BUSINESS

This Is What You Want To Read
When Laying On the Beach

Playful and Lazy is also something that you can read about
in a book titled: The Lazy Way to Success: How to Do Nothing and Accomplish Everything
you definitely want to read This Book about Laziness.
(It's an interesting nicely illustrated eye-opening book)

Sitting in the Sun reading some info about Home Business
while having a nice (healthy) meal at a nice Beach Restaurant.
Than after finishing my lunch throw my Beach Towel
in the sand, putting little mountains of sand on each corner
so that it doesn't get blown away by the wind, getting rid
of my shirt and trowsers with only my Swimming Boxer Shorts on.

(BTW on the left side of this Blog - you can find a
complete 'Beach Outfit' if you want to Instantly
get into your 'Holliday Mood')

Simply lying on the beach soaking up the Sun while doing some
more reading or listening to my Stereo Solar Radio or my MP3 Player with my Sunglasses on my head
or for my eyes when reading.
(BTW besides the 'Beach Outfit' you can also find the Sunglasses
here on the left of this Blog)

Than now and than going for a swim nicely cooling down easily
and relaxed floating arround accompanied by the Sun and a nice
Blue Sky and seeing the Sun Chattered into a hundred little
Suns reflecting on the small waves.

What Some Great Historical
Figures Have to Say About Laziness

You can see Great Video
with very interesting 'Testimonials from several important historical figures' about

saying things about Laziness, you can find at:
'Lazy Testimonials'

You can read more about Laziness
in an Amazing Book titled:

The Lazy Way to Success: How to Do Nothing and Accomplish Everything

Authors Interview

I have listened to a Teleseminar with the author of this book, and although
the title looks disceptionally simplistic, it really makes
a lot of sense what he has to tell!

Go Ahead, you can listen to the author
himself Right Now when you like by clicking on
This Link and it will get you to a website where
you can listen to the Authors Interview. or
just click on the links here below
when you want to read more about it.

'It definitely is some serious
reading if you want to study Laziness
and, if you want to have someting to read
while being Lazy Laying on the Beach!'

You can find it by clicking
on the Link-banner here below:

Feel free to write your comments about any of the
Blogposts you can find on this Travel Blogspot.

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