High Energy Holliday's

On my Travels I alway's like some daily
Early Morning Jogging to keep in shape because I do think
it's important to maintain a High "Energy Level"
and to be energetic.

Jogging and
Feeling Energetic

'Jogging seems to have
a positive influence on my Engergy Level'

Especially when it's in nice surroundings or for example
on a Beach where you can see the upcomming Sun.

(I write about things like that a lot on
I even made - from Vacation Photo's - a 'Photo Slide Show Video' (with selfmade Music) Where you can see a few Stunning Photo's
of the Upcomming Sun to (hopefully) Inspire people
for Early Morning Jogging.)

Holliday Fun in the SUN
With Your MP3 Player

An other Energy Booser that I like on vacations
is listening to Music on an MP3 Player while laying in the Sun.

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What Activities Do You Like the Most
On Your Vacations...?

'Please Feel Free to add your own list
of "Energy Level"-Boosters, by placing a comment'.

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An Interesting Alternative for a Short Break

'Frequently I have to remind myself
to take breaks once in a while and not just
keep on hammering on working and working....,'

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