Happy Travel Time Spending
waiting time on an Airport.

An other travel tip to be able
to pass the time on an airport

besides buying a one of the great

MP3 Players that are great
for when you have to wait for a while
or else when you are on the airport
you can buy one or more of the

Parfumes you could also buy
one of the Great Bestseller Books

Or a Good Digital Camera
so that you can take photo's from the planes.

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Making Money
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or vacation) Photo's

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'An other good tip is a tip I once got
from my dad is to simply go for a hair cut'.

Time Well Spend

That way you have your time well spend and possibly read some
interesting magazines (BTW on this blog scrolling down a little
you will find all kinds of interesting magazines,
so feel free to click those links and take a subscription :) )

and possibly hear something of the 'Local Buzz'
that's going arround,

Possibly you can get even find out about intersting tips
for some of the Local Events or for example
talk to people to get to know about good local restaurants
and things like that.

The Ultimate Way to Enjoy Your Time
On an Airport

Is listening to

Music on an

MP3 Player while waiting
on an Airport.

Just Listening to

Your Favorite Music to Make the Time Really...., euh..., well...,

'How about ......, FLY...???' :)

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It's Also Possible to Just
Make Phone Calls

Nowaday's with the iPhone you can make your phone calls
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