How to get the most from your Cool Drink!

Besides listening to nice Music
on your

MP3 Player

To really get into a Vacation mood don't just have
your Cool Drink in an ordinary glass, pick a special glas
that 'Sounds Good'.

Why on earth in a special good sounding glass
you might ask...?
Well, when you put
your Cool Dink in for example a 'Good Sounding'
longdink glass you will be able to hear
the ice cubes bounce at the glass making
the typical Clinging Sound adding
just an extra dimension to the

'I am having a nice Cool Drink
in the Sun Experience'

Hearing those nice
'Kling-Kloing-Kling'- Sounds

For other Inspiring Sounds
- to be more specific - MUSIC
you can have a look at:

HP's Happy MUSIC
Or else if you like to read a 'Cool' Work & Play at the Beach Story
about the Home Business (Writing) Lifestyle,
you can might like to have a look at:

Work & Play at the Beach

And talking about 'The Beach' when you want
to work on your 'Six-Pack' Tummy
you might like to have a look at:

Get Ready for Going to the Beach

When you really want to get into you Holliday - or Travel Mood INSTANTLY!,
you definitely want to have a look at
the Highly Recommended Reading you want to take
to the Beach and the Great 'Outfit'
you can all find here on the left side of this Blog.

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