News from the Canary Islands

O.K. as I mentioned in an other post I tested posting by email.

So today I post from the Spanish Canary Islands, first of all it goes without saying that the weather here is nice and the food also. Had a nice luch at the boulevard at a seafood restaurant with an ocean view, even had a nice yellow cocktail with a lemmon sticking on the glass. While eating Calamaris a La Romana. (Squid)

In the evening we discovered a Mexican Restaurant above the Mc Donalds, it was a great thing to find this restaurant because a lot of the restaurants on the boulevard didn´t have tables with a sea view anymore and this restaurant was a little harder to find, and was not that crowded. There where only a few tables with a sea view and it was a little dark but with a little oillamp standing on the table it was possible to read the menue. A nice cosy place with also a little music from an other place.

BTW talking about Music, there on the Canary Islands - I think it was on Holliday Radio - I also had an unusual Music Experience that you can read about at: HP's Happy MUSIC

Anyhow a nice evening out here at the Canary Islands, and after our cappucino we both also got a little ´Shooter-drink´.

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