Discover how to CRUISE TRAVEL,
for FREE!!!

Talking about CRUISE TRAVEL...,

'How about finding out how to CRUISE TRAVEL for FREE!!!'

Is that at all possible?

Yes, apparently..., and it even gets better,
you don't even have to Travel as 'One of the Crew',
You can even get the 'Status' as a Passenger!!

'being able to also ENJOY all

Because apparently when the Cruise Ships are 'cruising'
there is a demand for 'Entertainment' onboard,
and apparently when you develope certain skills to present usefull info
for the passengers onboard for example as the author Daniel Hall
did with his 'Presentation' about Vacation Spanish

Than you might be able to join a Cruise Lines 'Enrichment Programm'

In the link here below, you can
Read more about Speaking on Cruises:


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cheapestairtickets.co.uk zei

really nice and informative Cruise Travel Blog. Thanks for share.

HP van Duuren zei

Thanks for the compliment, on
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