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Spectacular Photos:

At a recent birthday party there where some pretty exciting
activities like Sand Yachting on a stormy beach, that was the
decor for pretty spectacular photos from racing Sand Yachts.

Sand Yachting with Seagul Cust. Beach Towel

Sand Yachting with Seagul Cust. Beach Towel

by Edelhertdesigntravel

We made several photos and
made designs for
Beach towels (as you can see our photo here above) and

Business Gifts
from our photos.

Besides our Adult Backpacks, Pens & Buttons,
The Beach Towel Designs are currently the most viewed items!!!

Feel Like You Are On Cloud 9 with Our
Brand New Air Plane Collection

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Cloud Nine Compact Mirror

Cloud Nine Compact Mirror

by Edelhertdesigntravel

Every Time

Making You SMILE:


I have some special news for you about
our Brand New Collection,

the Air Plane Collection

Like for example the practical Compact Mirror
you can easily take with you on your travels and
that will make you smile a little every time
you take a look at it.

As a Traveler, you will surly recognize the images,
we created during Traveling
, images at Air Ports,
and images above the Clouds,

the views from your
Air Plane Windows....,

Designs On Many Products:

Here below you can see some of our Designs
On several different Products in a Birds Eye View.

Click - Here - to Check Out Our
Brand New Air Plane Collection


We Also Have This Cute Red Eyed Gaudi Frog
On a Drawstring Backpack and MORE!

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As you could read in previous blog posts
the Red Eyed Gaudi Frog gains in Popularity

and recently was again among the
Recent Products Sold

Great to be able to give you the opportunity
to show you several other Products where our
Popular Red Eyed Gaudi Frog is on.

Red eyed Gaudí Frog Drawstring Backpack

Red eyed Gaudí Frog Drawstring Backpack

by Edelhertdesigntravel
Red Eyed Gaudí Frog Pacifier

Red Eyed Gaudí Frog Pacifier

by EdelhertDesignStudio
Red Eyed Gaudí Frog Baby Bib

Red Eyed Gaudí Frog Baby Bib

by EdelhertDesignStudio
Red Eyed Gaudí Frog Toddler Sleeve T-shirt

See More Frog Products:

Like for example the one here below:

Dutch Frogs surrounded by Duckweed Pen

Dutch Frogs surrounded by Duckweed Pen

by Edelhertdesigntravel

More Frog Products
from Edelhert Design Studio

More Frog Products
from Edelhert Design Travel


Isn't This Frog Cute!

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Do you also collect a lot of Magnets
like these on your Fridge...?

This one is an Absolute - Must Have - don't you think?

Read more about

Frog Symbolism


10 Tips for Your Travel Photography.

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Here below you can find

10 Tips for Great Travel Photography,

'To make the most out of

It goes without saying that at:

On this Travel Blog you can find a lot of other
great ideas for working
with your camera.


Just check out
the practical PDF I wrote for you:

Making Money
with Your
Digital Photography

In the Lulu Storefront you can click
the Link
- Preview - right below the book cover
to look at the Free Preview
of the first 6 pages.

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New We Started On Pinterest!

For EDT we already have several boards
for several countrie collections.

See Country Collection Board Examples:

here below 2 examples from the
Costa Rica - and the South Africa Collection.

How to See More Pins On the Boards?

You can scroll down within the boards themselves

to see more pins.

We Have More Country Collection Boards

Also from Other Countries

(and Shoes & Flipflops from EDS)
in the Left Side Bar of this blog.

You can also discover the Boards we have  
on EdelhertDesignStudio


The Red Eyed Gaudí Frog Did It Again,
Again an Other Sale!

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This cute frog just draws your attention like a Magnet,

infact it actually - is - a Magnet, one that can't wait to get on your Fridge!

Thank You for
Buying this Frog!

We are very pleased to see that you
like our designs,

BTW on our Digital Camera Ideas Blog we actually
wrote a somewhat more comprehensive

Thank You for Buying
& - Thanks for your Support - Blog Post

(As a buyer you will get
special benefits like being kept up-to-date
by email, getting special email offers, and other discounts etc. etc.)

Buttons & Magnets,
With Magnetic Appeal!

As you could read in a recent blog post titled:

Recently Sold In Our Store

This Design seems to have 'Magnetic Appeal',
with again an other Sale!

This Red Eyed Gaudí Frog Design seems to - JUMP -
to a possible Bestseller Position!

and compete with our Other Popular

South African Ostrich Face Button

South African Ostrich Face Button

by Edelhertdesigntravel
Or any of our other
Great Looking Travel Magnets!

Buttons &

Frog Symbolism:

In the West we know about popular fairy tales
with Princes and Princesses

In most Chinese Culture Frogs are
a Sign of Prosperity. and with
Feng Shui Frogs are recognisec as a
Sign of Affluence.

Some other Keywords that I read about are:

- Luck, Purity, Rebirth
- Renewal, Fertility, Healing
- Metamorphis, Transition,
- Dreaming, Opportunity,

To name a few.

It's also associated with
Yought, Spring, Summer,
Good Fortune and Abundance.

And even with True Love,

(In Japanese word for Frog ('Kaeru')
also means returning to place of

So I am not surprised that
this Frog has such
Magnetic Appeal!

You can also discover it on
a special customizable Coffee Cup


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