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Beach Life: 

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Sámara Beach All Over Print Tote Bag

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Sámara Beach Can Cooler

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Beach Sand on My Face,
on my Helmet and Everywhere!

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This is the third post about my
Spectacular Sand Yachting Adventure.

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10 Tips for Your Travel Photography.

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Here below you can find a Video with

10 Tips for Great Travel Photography,


Did you ever think (on your Vacation)
You Could Write a Novel?

A lot of people read great Bestselling Novels during their
vacations as you can see at Dan Brown Interview
the author Dan Brown even thought:

"I can do that too"

I bet you might possibly thought this yourself
while on vacation, only few actually
really start to write....,

Since I like to write I also like to help people answering their


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Things to Take With You On Your Travels

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This is Exactly What
You Have Been Looking For
some of the things
you can include into your Packinglist

Besides having a look at our

Special Design Notebooks

You can have a look at:

Things To Take With You At the Beach


How to get the most
from your Cool Drink!

To really get into a Vacation mood don't just have
your Cool Drink in an ordinary glass, pick a special glas
that 'Sounds Good'.


How Do You Like These
Travel Inspired Graphic Designs?

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In the Netherlands we have a saying that
freely translated says:


Jogging On Gran Canaria

Some years ago I went to Gran Canaria.

This is one of the Beautyful Canary Islands, on this Island
I made a 'Visual Rapportage' about 'Jogging on the Beach'.

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