Nice to Visit, Amsterdam Light Festival

Some years ago we went to

Lights Weekend in Laren
that - since it's a town - is a little smaller scale event
than such a City Event.

We made an Backpack from one of the Canal Photos
as you can see here above

We also made a Luggage Tag from it...,

In Amsterdam they have whole artworks made from
light, like the Butterflies On the Water in the Canals as you can see                                 in the Tweet here above.  

while in Laren they had things like
a Pathway of Lights,

What we have for what our own "Artworks of Light"
is concerned, we do have a few

LED Light Designs.

Lights Weekend in Laren also did Inspire us to create
Highly Special All-Over-PRINT  

Party Lights Leggings

with Sparkling Lights on them! 

Talking about Highly Special and Sparkling, did you
know we have - Highly Fashionable - and City Chique

Almost as Sparkling as our recent Bathing Guest,
That we recently shared on Our Twitter, Read more about
it on our Digital Camera-ideas blog in a post titled:


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Traveling Octopus Embracing Backpack, Face Only. Backpack

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Funny Cartoon Backpack

Secret Compartment Cartoon Adult Backpack

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10 Tips for Your Travel Photography.

Thank you for visiting our
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I have seen that you frequently write about Inspiring Travel Related Topics in
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My sister also likes Travel Photography
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         You can also read a lot of interesting info about
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Sand Yachting Desk Business Card Holder

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As you could read in a previous
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Our New Beach Towels Are Already Viewed a Lot!

At a birthday party there we had some pretty exciting
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decor for pretty Spectacular Speed Sports Photos
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Also See that this is a Great way of GREEN TRAVEL ! ! !

Since the water was pretty near the shore,
you really had to make a lot of speed not to get stuck
in the Muddy water near the turning point.
You really had to pull really hard to pick up the wind,
only not to hard because than you could easily tip over
like the Sand Yachts you see in the Beach Towel Photo here below.

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Some time ago on


Beach Sand on My Face,
on my Helmet and Everywhere!

DISCOVER a Spectacular & Fun 

(Green Travel) BEACH LIFE Sport!!!

Thanks - Travel Enthousiasts - for (re)visiting
this blog today,

This is the third post about my
Spectacular Sand Yachting Adventure
As part of a FUN Anneversary Birthday where
we took loads of Photos from, and Selected Photos from for
Numerous Purposes


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