Happy Islands, Canary Islands

In the 1st century A.D. Pomponius Mela refered to the Canary Islands as "The Fortunate Islands", 'Where the inhabitants live quietly happier than the people living in any other land'. In a previous Blogpost you can find a 'Live Report' from a Hotel Lobby on one of the Islands.

And if you want to stay home and do some nice trips a little less far from home you might like to buy yourself a great Navigator like the one your can find here below:


Space Tourism

Last month I was on vacation on the Carary Islands as you can also see in the previous post, while sitting in a plane - flying above the clouds seeing the earth below - feeling a sence of freedom as being able to fly like a bird.

During that feeling I wondered how it would be if the plane would be capable to free itself from the Earth Magnetic Field and fly to outher space and to other planets.
And since in Disney World I already experienced some Space Travel already with
the Space Tours Attraction I can Imagine that it one day will be.

Infact just minutes ago I saw on TV that there already IS something like 'Space Tourism' and there seriously is already developing a Space Travel Industry.

However Currently It doesn't come cheap, to give you an idea:

* Visit to Space Station about 20 Million Dollar
* Space Walk about 15 Million Dollar

Totals: 35 Million Dollar

O.K. currently it still has a 'tiny little price tag', Just as the Posts on these Blogspots it is still pretty EXCLUSIVE and I must admit that possibly I cannot claim that everybody that reads my VISION eBook will instantly be able to afford such little Space Trips.


Feel Free to give it a try anyway :)
You never know if you get so much inspiration from reading my little eBook
that you will be able to laugh at a 35 Million Dollar Price Tags!
If so please write a nice comment on my Blogposts and tell me
your story and....,

'Take your camera with you!'

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