It's always handy to have a spare for special moments.

Nowaday's with digital camera's it's easy to take a lot of pictures.
But wouldn't it be a shame to miss out on one of those special moments with your camera?

So alway's have enough memory for your camera with you.

On Digital Camera-Ideas you can find interesting ideas for your Digital Photography, and info about how you can make money with Travel Writing and - Photography.

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Discover the World of CRUISE TRAVEL

As you might have read in my previous post, a few years ago I went on a Boat-trip, (or Micro Cruise) from one Island to the other and also last year I went to 'Gran Canaria', one of the other Canary Islands, there I also went on a Boat-trip...,

I do like to be on water, and also recently been aboard a very large Cruise Ship It was on one of these 'Floating Town's' that I discovered a whole NEW WORLD!!!

(Whole New World(S)to be more precise)

There are a lot of types of Cruises, you have 'Theme Cruises' for couples, or for Families with themes that appeal to children, like for example 'Pirate Theme' or 'Popular Animated Cahracters' like for example the Disney Cruise or for example special Theme Cruises for Singles, you also have special 'Skill Cruises' where you can learn specific skills like for example Painting, Golf or Gourmet Cooking. You even have special Music Theme Cruises like for example 'Jazz theme Cruises'.

Than you also have special 'Ancient Adventure Cruises' with routes to well known historical locations with related shore excursions.

In the Video here below you can have a closer look at some of the 'Cruise Trends' that I just talked about.

To learn more about Cruises simply click on the Cruise Travel Magazine picture here below:


Learning Vacation Spanish on a Cruise

A few years ago I was on 'Lanzarote', one of the Spanish Canary Islands...,

There I went on a Boat - just like a Mini Cruise to visit one of the other Islands. Onboard where almost only Spanish people, and although the tourleader did also speak several other languages, some times I couldn't hear it or didn't pay enough attention at the right time, and a lot of what he told was in Spanish. Luckely I also understand a little Spanish, otherwise I might have missed that the departure time had changed.

      'Than I would have been at risk
      of missing te Boat!'

So you see sometimes it can be helpful to know a little Spanish.

If you need to 'Brush Up' on your Spanish, there is a video taped presentation on DVD that learns you 'All The Vacation Spanish You'll Ever Need', you can check it out at Amazon in the link here below:


Jogging on Gran Canaria

As you might have read (in the 'Happy Islands' post) I have been on Gran Canaria somewhere arround Easter. This is one of the Beautyful Canary Islands on this Island I made a 'Visual Rapportage' about 'Jogging on the Beach'.

It's an Impression of 'Early Bird' Morning Jogging, with impressive mysterious (selfmade) Music with 'Early Bird' Sound Effects. (I might have been inspired by the Birds during my visit to 'Palmitos Park ni Maspalomas.)

You can see it here below on 'YouTube':

Or if you want to watch it fullscreen you can go to:

(there you can click at the bottom right corner of the screen
to enlarge to Fullscreen.)

P.S. have you read my 'Happy Vibe' Column 'SUCCESS WAVES' already?

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Happy Islands, Canary Islands

In a short time I will be on One of the Canary Islands. In the 1st century A.D. Pomponius Mela refered to the Canary Islands as "The Fortunate Islands", 'Where the inhabitants live quietly happier than the people living in any other land'. You will find 'Live' reports from Internet Cafees on the Island on the 'Dutch language Travel Blog'. Although from now on it will be written in the English Language. The url is:

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